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Entries in this blog follow a pattern of evolving refinement of my capacity to Live, Experience,and Understand Universal Truth, Universal Law, and Universal Love as Self. You may find that reading any single entry is not unlike reading a random page from a book you have never read. It may or may not make sense. To pick the topic from the beginning, simply click on the link found under each entry's title. Or perhaps better yet, you may want to start with the very first entry and take it from there.

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Wednesday, January 16 2019

Sensory Deprivation - 1

We humans have been created to have a constant interaction with the natural frequencies of Creation. Here upon Earth that includes touching the ground with our bear feet, being in nature, hearing the wind and the birds, feeling the cool breeze, being warmed by the Sun, inhaling the sweet fragrances of Nature, feeling our body, experiencing Joy, Peace, Laughter, Adventure, Creativity, and so on. All of this constitutes the natural sensory input we should be receiving on a daily basis.

When we disconnect ourselves from that natural experience we become sensory deprived no matter how many artificial frequencies we are exposed to. Thus begin all sort of problems which make us vulnerable to manipulation and control.

Monday, January 14 2019

Sensory deprivation

The other day I watched a documentary on the various mind control programs that were pursued by several institutions during the 1900's. Quite perverse if you ask me which is why I didn't finish the documentary. There is only so much you can watch before it starts affecting you negatively. After all, as Father has explained to us, what you focus on is what you become.

One thing that caught my attention was the recognition that sensory deprivation is a key element of a successful mind control program. Sensory deprivation is also very good at turning people into neurotic nutcases.

Shortly after watching this video, it dawned on me the extent to which "civilized" humans are being subjected to sensory deprivation in their every day life. I was amazed.

Friday, January 4 2019


Making someone or something more important that our own walk with Father and making decisions based on what someone else thinks or has written is leaning. Leaning away from our sovereign nature. Leaning away from Father's Good Will and Intent for us. This leads to trouble and we miss the obvious:

Father Desires to have Healthy Fun with us.

How much heartache we could avoid if we but only comprehended this.

Wednesday, January 2 2019

Thy will be done

A few days back I had the opportunity to hear the bible story of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

According to the story, this is the garden Jesus visited before being betrayed and crucified. While I was already aware of the falsity of this story, to my surprise, there was still a greater insight to be obtained in this regard. Perhaps the writing and editing of my parenting book facilitated this.

How so?

Simple. In this parenting book I place a lot of emphasis on one of the earlier Conveyances Linda and I received from Father Which Is in Heaven in which He explains the meaning of His Good Will and Intent.

Here is the quote:

Good Will
is that which is your Father's Intent for you.

His Intent
is for your Blessedness, Wholeness, and Completeness
out of the Consciousness / Awareness of the
Love that you are.

When one actually grasps the meaning and significance of this, one quickly realizes that it is actually impossible that the Father of which Jesus spoke would have actually required him to be tortured and killed at the cross as we are led to believe. Non of those experiences lead to Blessedness, Wholeness, and Completeness, much less to the experience of Love. This is not just conjecture on my part. Father actually confirmed to Linda and I that He never asked Jesus to be crucified.

Aware of this, I always presumed that the prayer Jesus supposedly made to the Father in this garden was an outright lie because it implies that Father wanted him killed.

if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt

This time however, it dawned on me as I was listening to the passage in which Jesus spoke this prayer that it wasn't Jesus who said it to the Father but rather what the Father probably Said to Jesus. 

"Hey there!" And I'm paraphrasing big time. "Getting crucified is not my Will. My Will is for your Happiness and Joy that you may know and experience the Love that you are. I would rather not have to go through this experience, however, if that's what you want... thy will be done, not mine. I will still Love you and Accept you and Welcome you but you will not find me there." Which of course Jesus didn't, hence his cry "why hast thou forsaken me?"

It is the Father Who Says to each one of us "thy will be done not mine." It is Father Who Says to each one of us "I would rather have Fun with you and show you how to manifest the Love you Are, but if you wish to destroy yourself then go ahead... thy will be done, not mine. You rather get drunk? Thy will be done, not mine. You rather suffer? Thy will be done, not mine. You rather kill? Thy will be done, not mine. And I will keep Loving you just as you are."

"...but how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled...?" Jesus is said to have said when his disciples tried to protect him from the crowd of people that came to take him prisoner.

It is really unfortunate that Jesus is portrayed as being more interested in fulfilling scripture than in manifesting Father's Good Will and Intent. Obviously they are not one and the same.

It is just as sad and unfortunate that we have been doing the same...

Monday, December 10 2018

Safe Space

I came across this Conveyance while going through some files. Thought you might find it of interest.

Does the sweat lodge provide a feeling that can be likened to what one feels like when when it is cold outside and one is wrapped up in a feather comforter seating on a sheep’s wool with a fire in the fire place? It’s a feeling of safety, of warmth, of nourishment, of serenity, of solitude yet not alone-ness. Does it?

Gloriosa, Source, and Father:
Accurately while you do not believe / you would not say it any other way,
there are not Better Way while / when you say it not that way,
but unto your each and every Righteous and Holy Day
you might say that while not the / your womb,
but unto your each and every room,
where you create such necessity no longer your divinity gone astray.
But unto your each and every day you might say...

Linda is seeing a room like an adobe room or straw bale room, where you create the space with the fire place and the safety. The walls are thick and protecting from external or environmental ferocity. One thing is that there was a time that it wasn’t that way and it will be again. But in the in between, this is why people would build houses of adobe.

Father is Saying that while societally they toss this comparison to going back to the womb, that this is not what it is. They are just ridiculing People because that is their huge control mechanism.

In fact this is a very core need that we have.

It’s basically returning to our place of safety within our Self.

It appears to Linda that Father is indicating that there is not one single thing wrong, nothing to ridicule about creating such a safe space / room in your home. There actually should be such a space in your home. A space that has the feeling she described. Wrapping up in a comforter is optional. That when you go to that place, which would be the core or heart of the home, you have that feeling upon entering.

Wednesday, November 21 2018

Shocker - part 2

Remember the definition of a prostitute being someone who offers his services solely for financial gain?

Ever heard of the 'stock market'? A place where people come together only for the purpose of financial gain?

No wonder those in 'control' think that everyone has a price...

Sunday, November 18 2018


I have a little shocker entry for you.


  • a woman who offers her body for hire for purposes of sexual intercourse
  • one who offers his service solely for financial gain or for unworthy purposes
  • syn. defame, defile, maltreat, pervert

Notice that by that very definition, it is implied that to solely seek financial gain is an unworthy purpose.


  • an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are for the most part privately owned and operated for private profit (which is to say, only for financial gain)

Can you add 1 and 1 ?

A capitalist is a prostitute. A prostitute is a capitalist. Prostitution = capitalism. Capitalism = prostitution.

If you take a look at the synonyms of the word prostitute, you will find a perfect description of the unwritten operating principles of capitalism.


  • attack the good name or reputation

A common capitalist practice aimed at competitors or anyone who is perceived as a a threat to the bottom line, especially those who sound the alarm trying to get people to recognize the destructive practices of industries. Very often displayed by candidates seeking to be elected to a governmental job.


  • to make dirty or foul
  • corrupt purity

Another common practice of capitalists, whose industries pollute rivers, air, food, minds, and hearts with complete disregard for anything but the bottom line. Hint: if they actually cared about the environment or people's health and well being they wouldn't be polluting in the first place. So don't be fooled by their 'environmental' campaigns, 'noble' mission statements, or number of 'volunteer' hours.


  • to treat badly, unkindly
  • abuse

This is just a description of how capitalists treat workers.

  • to turn to an improper use or purpose
  • lead astray, deprave, debase, sexual perversion

Another good definition of what capitalism does to people and environment. Capitalists have no qualms about misusing natural resources, leading people astray into such things as debt and depravity, and using sexual perversion in their ads to increase sales.

... and just to think that not so long ago, I used to be a proud prostitute... I mean capitalist with parents who felt proud about the education they gave me and the financial gain that resulted from it...

Thursday, November 8 2018

Ever thought?

Ever thought about wishing Creation a Happy Joyful Day?

Tuesday, November 6 2018

Ever realized?

Have you ever realized everything that goes into growing the vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, herbs you eat? The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the rain, the winds, the soil, the Earth, animals, insects, microbes, minerals, gemstones, rivers, wells, planets, galaxies, little people all participating in and contributing to growing every single natural item you put in your mouth?

How can they say we are so insignificant when such Creative Manifestation was required just to grow a single blade of grass?

Can you sense the Love that Creator must indeed have for us to have put all of this in place so Life could be experienced upon Earth?

Ever thought about expressing true appreciation of such marvel?

Saturday, October 27 2018

Dirt of Creation

How can anyone get 'dirty' Playing with Creation?

Dirt is an aspect of Creation. Mud is the aspect of dirt mixed with the aspect of water.

How can anyone get 'dirty' Playing with Creation?

Perhaps one day we 'civilized' cultures will realize how cruel it is to deny children and adults alike the Joy and Pleasure of Playing in the dirt and mud of Creation all in the name of 'cleanliness.'

How can anyone get 'dirty' Playing with Creation?

Are 'clean' clothes really worth such cruelty and self denial of the basic Pleasures of Life? I know what we have been told... but is it really so?

Wednesday, October 10 2018

Clearing the waters

So how did I end up exploring the meaning of the word "ascetic"? From reading the book "The Function of the Orgasm" by Wilhelm Reich. He and I would have been really good friends. If you think I tend to be sharp on my outlook, that's because you haven't read his writings.

In short, Reich conveys that there is a group of people who have slandered and denied our power or natural sexuality / pleasure (and I would add creativity). Out of this condemnation, which happens during early childhood years and is perpetrated mostly through parents, comes repression, self denial, and asocial, unhealthy secondary drives which cause all kinds of sexually deviant behavior and misery on Earth.

Then, this very group uses these symptoms of malfunction to justify an entire industry (that word again) geared at justifying their slander of humanity and our feelings of mortification caused by the repression. They tell us what pieces of immoral garbage we are and impose morals, asceticism, self denial, self sacrifice, etc. all of which lead to a spiral of self destruction.

This is the key understanding of which I spoke in my earlier entry. There is a huge difference between our natural sexuality which is inherently self-regulating and Respectful of Life, and the false morals and destructive sexual impulses caused by repression and guilt which are inherently damaging to self and others.

Here is the definition again:


  • severe, grave, or stern, as in aspect or conduct
  • morally strict
  • sour and astringent
  • abstemious: eating and drinking sparingly
  • severely simple, unadorned
  • [< Greek < harsh, bitter < to dry, wither]

Without the key, it would be easy to infer that because Linda indicated we shouldn't live an austere life in Father's Garden that we should therefore allow ourselves to indulge in the ways of the world. Yet, this is exactly NOT the case.

Not living a morally strict life, doesn't equate to giving free reign to the sexually deviant behaviors caused by the repression of our natural sexuality. Instead, it equates to overcoming the repression that blocked our natural sexuality so we can re-discover it in our lives and thus let go of the false morals and asocial behaviors that replaced it.

Monday, October 8 2018

Two sides of the same coin

Many years ago, Linda received this understanding regarding our visit upon Earth:

Life on Earth is about a Light-Hearted Play in the Father Way that leads to Source... Our responsibility is to see that we don't wither on the tree. That we have a Joyful, Light-Hearted Journey / Walk / Visit with the Father in His Garden as we walk to the Gate where we enter Source's Garden.

A few days ago, I was using the tried and true method Linda's described in her Dreams and Days Book (and that I have used so many times in this blog) to untangle myself from another false teaching.

In this exploration I came across a word that derives from a Greek word which means "to wither." This immediately connected to the above understanding and helped me expand my awareness of what Linda was seeking to convey.

Which word is this you may ask?

The word I was looking at was: austere.

  • severe, grave, or stern, as in aspect or conduct
  • morally strict
  • sour and astringent
  • abstemious: eating and drinking sparingly
  • severely simple, unadorned
  • [< Greek < harsh, bitter < to dry, wither]

See the connection?

Apply the above definition to what Linda was saying and you are in for a spin into unhealthy territory unless you have a major key understanding... so let's find out how I got to the word 'austere.' I ended up at this word by looking at the word 'ascetic.'


  • in the early church, one who renounced social life and comfort for solitude, self mortification, and religious devotion
  • hermit, recluse
  • one who leads a very austere and self denying life
  • [Greek < exercised, industrious, athletic < one who practices (self denial), a monk < to exercise]

It is interesting to see the development of the Greek words.

The original word meaning 'exercise' led to the word 'monk' which is associated with the notion of practicing (self denial). From this concept came the Greek word which translates into industrious and athletic and eventually into ascetic. I find that amazing.

It would have never occurred to me that being industrious and athletic is actually a way of practicing asceticism or engaging in self mortifying, self denying ways. And to think that for the longest time I considered the notion of being athletic and industrious / hard working a good thing... silly me...

No matter where you look at, whether religion or the world, you end up falling for the ascetic way of life of self denial and self mortification. Religion teaches asceticism by extolling the spirituality of poverty. The world teaches asceticism by extolling hard work and an industrial life. Curiously enough, both support austerity (of the working class that is). Ever heard of 'economic austerity' plans? They never apply to those in control...

In reality, both religion and the world are two sides of the same coin of delusion and deception. After all, deception depends on the illusion of free will and choice: Look! You do have a choice. You can either mortify and deny yourself through religion or through the world. Which one do you choose? Both? Very well, go ahead... is your life after all...

Fortunately there is a real alternative:

Life on Earth is about a Light-Hearted Play in the Father Way that leads to Source... Our responsibility is to see that we don't wither on the tree. That we have a Joyful, Light-Hearted Journey / Walk / Visit with the Father in His Garden as we walk to the Gate where we enter Source's Garden.

Saturday, October 6 2018

In the words of a friend - 3

Empower Goodness.

Empower Wholeness and Completeness.

Empower Perfect Energy Flow.

Thursday, October 4 2018

In the words of a friend - 2

Respecting God and Respecting God in you Creates Beauty and Love.

Tuesday, October 2 2018

In the words of a friend - 1

Fearing evil forces creates evil and as long as you are creating demons, you wont be able to Heal.

Sunday, September 30 2018

In the words of a friend

Don't fight anything.

Don't fight against evil forces. In doing so you give them power.

Monday, September 17 2018

Garden update

Well, my first summer in the desert is coming to an end... finally. After several months of steady temperatures above 100 F I feel like I have been well roasted.

Nevertheless, I managed to get a nice garden going. Here is a picture of what it looked like before anything was planted.

spring garden bare.jpg

And this is what it looked like a few months later.

Quite a change.

It is amazing what water can do in the desert...

Saturday, September 15 2018

In Father's Words

Here are some quotes from Father:

...that which is by Divine Nature
inherent in humankind, humans,
is that which is Noble,
and by Virtue of incessant Intervention
available, always available.

Every moment of every day,
that which is by Nature kind
and developmentally, strategically
aware in humanity,
is inherently awakened through
that which is Holy.

Cease to trouble over the world or worldly events,
focus upon that which is Divine in Nature.

See truly, for that which you are
is not that which you have long
held, and believed, and held in thought.

You come not closer to that which is Divine
through fraudulent prayer, perception, or
punishment mind.

It is not by, or through, punishment
that your Divine Being be manifest.

It is Truly through that which is inherently
your Goodness and Grace of Being,
that you will find the Truth, or True perception you seek.

Thursday, September 13 2018

See Truly

See truly, for that which you are
is not that which you have long
held, and believed, and held in thought.

Who we are is not what we have long held and believed. This goes beyond just worldly indoctrination and manipulation. Here is a pertinent quote from our Showay series:

    Showay had awakened to a very difficult day. It seemed as though, in but an instant, he had lost all the progress he had made since he met AurorA. The instant it took to lift his head from the bed as he was getting up. Quite exacerbated he wondered aloud whether he was making any progress at all or whether it was just his imagination.
    AurorA, who was sitting next to him answered. "It is not a matter of resonance, but a matter of implantation. When you came to this life, you had all that you needed to succeed in your Endeavor."
    Showay perceived an image of a man doing an experiment in which he was able to coagulate into existence specific forms and shapes. Specifically he saw him coagulating a large rock formation which he then proceeded to shift and manipulate.
    "It is with anxiety that the coagulation takes form," she added.
    "Are you saying that they can coagulate feelings into specific shapes that we recognize?"
    "Indeed it is so."
    After a brief pause, Showay continued. "In other words, they manipulate my feelings, forming them into shapes that look like the old distortions that I had… and then, because I recognize them I think these coagulated shapes are my feelings… and that I haven't healed! After all, if I was healed I wouldn't be feeling these distortions… right?"
    "You are a feeling tone that coagulates into physical expression."
    "Are you saying they manipulate our actual coagulation from our feeling tone?" he asked disconcerted.
    "It occurs along genetic and societal lines. That is how they can target specific groups," she explained. "Because it happens early in childhood, it soon becomes familiar to you. You believe it is who you are because it comes from the place where you coagulate from Source, All That Is."
    "The question then is, if it is not sufficient to be narrowly focused, what else can I do about this?"
    "Begin by clearing your entire bandwidth from which you receive. Love is the answer. As you learn to express the Love that you are, you draw closer to Father. As you draw closer to Father, you learn to express the Love that you are. This allows you to receive more information."
    "Which is what allows me to Know it is not me, even though it feels so real. Is that right?"
    "Once you recognize that the distortion is not yours, give it to the Father and let him take care of bringing you back to sanity."

See truly, for that which you are
is not that which you have long
held, and believed, and held in thought.

…that which is by Divine Nature
inherent in humankind, humans,
is that which is Noble,
and by Virtue of incessant Intervention
available, always available.

Cease to trouble over the world or worldly events,
focus upon that which is Divine in Nature.

Tuesday, September 11 2018

Words of Wisdom

Here are more pertinent quotes from Father:

You must release that which is
Divine in Nature from that which is
narrowly focused in greed and hunger.

Seek not that which is mundane
for the lustful excitement it gives you.

Seek instead the sublime Power and Energy
of your Divine Being.

While at first it may appear flat,
it is indeed radiant by inherent, or Divine Nature.
Look toward that which luminates the
Divine elegance.

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