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May the Father Walk with you,


Father's Garden

The Father's Cathedral is in Nature

where His Light Is.

I am in Father's Garden,

in His Space as a Guest.

I Desire to be Respectful and Mindful of His Place.

As my Host, Father Desires to be Respectful and Mindful of my Presence in His Garden.

Everything He Shares with me is Intended for my Well Being.

Pristine rain and rivers to quench my thirst.

Cold and hot springs to tend to my Body.

Cleansing Breath of the Holy Spirit manifest as a fresh breeze upon the land to lift my Soul and Heart and caress my Body.

The most amazing variety of flavors in the forms of fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds, milk, dirt to satiate my hunger.

The Sanctuary of Nature and its calming influence on me.

The passing of puffy clouds upon blue skies.

The never ending play of Light and Color through Sunrises, Sunsets, and the Aurora.

The fragrances of the most exquisite and beautiful flowers, plants, and trees.

The majesty of the landscape.

The energizing experience of swimming in living waters.

The Love that Nature exudes through every living pore of its being toward me.

The Joy of experiencing a garden grow and the expectation of tasting it.

The surprise of noticing and receiving His Gifts throughout each day.

Everything Father Shares with me is Intended for my Well Being.

In appreciation of His Loving Intent for me and the profound expression of His Creativity to make it known to me in the most sublime ways, I return in kind.

I choose for everything I say, think, do, and feel to support the Health and Beauty of His Garden.

I choose for my Body and Soul to bring Wealth and Well Being to Him and His Garden.

My exhalation. My perspiration. My urination. My excretion. My Song. My vibration.

I choose for all that I am and all I create to be imbued with Thanks Giving and Joy for the Gift of Being in His Garden and Experiencing His Loving Intent for me.

This is innate and natural.

And so it is.



A Simple Wake Up Call

While it seems things are going nuts, the reality is that old fear mongering tactics are being used to distract us from where our focus should be. They have been doing this garbage for thousands of years and it has given them good results... why would they change now?

Perhaps it is time to stop playing their insane game and not fall for the virtual carrot (sprinkled with the glitter of fear and false salvation) they are hanging before our eyes.

Let's focus instead on:

Father's Good Will, Intent, and Plan for us

and how to make this a tangible Reality.

His Plan is full of Compassion and is an Expression of His Desire to see us Live the Reality of the Love we are in Health and Well Being. In His Plan everyone, even the weakest, can Survive and Thrive.

You are welcome to visit our "Prepare Yourself" page where you will find all kinds of pertinent information. 


One answer to the question

Here is another quote from Source:


My Dear Child, there is but one answer
to the question of Divine Creaturehood.

It is this:
be you not at Peace and ‘goes well’ is unlikely.
It is in great Peace and Joy all Happiness is found.

You are no more, no less,
than a Divine Creature of habit,
who believes Righteous Endeavor
is not found with a pure Heart,
but instead within pain and sorrow.


It is a great teaching of death and destruction
that holds prisoner
all vestiges / hopes of a Greater Tomorrow.

Free yourself of all sorrow regarding this matter
for all sorrow and pain serve not Divine Truth.
(Today) This day, lay down your pain and sorrow
for a Greater Tomorrow.

Open letter to the youth

Some time ago, I wrote an "Open Letter to the Youth." I did this in response to the choice of these budding men and woman to voice their Desire for adults to Respect Nature and take action to protect our children's future.

I forwarded this letter to many youth organizations with the hopes of supporting their Desire for a Different Future.

Read the letter.

Here are the three files recommended in this letter:

I sure wish they can hear what's being said. It would make such a Difference for the Better.


For the longest time I debated how much I could say in this letter to the youth before they got "bored" with it. In the end, I decided to send them a shorter version of my original letter. Was that a good idea? I don't know because the longer version does contain some valid points they probably needed to hear.

You can access the long version of the letter by clicking on this link. Then you can decide for yourself.

All is well,


Confirmation 2

The other little article in that Hispanic magazine "El Desierto" that caught my attention was about the solar system. This is another little confirmation. This time it pertains to the solar system video I made.

Did you know that...? ... The solar system has a tail?

The article talks about the gigantic tail of our solar system that resembles that of comets...

Confirmation 1

I really like getting small confirmations here and there of what I have come to understand. A few days ago, I was at a car repair shop in Yuma, AZ and came across a Hispanic magazine called "El Desierto" (The Desert) - issue 783, 17/2019, January 14 to 20.

In it were two tiny articles that caught my attention.

The first was a section with famous quotes about the youth.

The two that confirm what I have said in my squatting conundrum video about things not having changed for the better read as follow:

  1. "The youth of today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, devour their food, and disrespect their teachers."

  2. "The youth of today don't seem to have any respect for the past nor hope for the future."

Would you like to guess how long ago these two comments were (supposedly) uttered? I know they sound like something that could have been said of this age, but no it was way back then...

100 years ago? No.

500 years ago? No.

Ok, a 1,000 years ago! No... still not even close.

These two comments were made over 2,400 years ago. That's not a typo. Two thousand four hundred years ago people were already aware that something was amiss.

Dare guess who uttered these comments about the youth? The first one was uttered by Socrates. The second by Hippocrates.

Dare guess what the commonality between that age and this age is that is causing the problem? The same lifestyle and system of oppression. After all, Greece is considered the cradle of "western civilization." Pretty much everything society holds as dear and intellectually "advanced" came from that age.

Perhaps it's time for a change?

It has never been "western society" who needed to "conquer, educate, and civilize" the "primitives."

It has always been the "natives" who needed and probably still need to help "westernized" cultures regain their sanity.

The Squatting Conundrum - The Presentation Video

Like I said, I seem to be on a video production roll.

Here is a video presentation of my entries titled "The Squatting Conundrum." I really believe you won't regret getting passed the (potential) initial shock... Don't worry, nothing gruesome or disrespectful...


Note: Video display problems have been fixed!

2nd Note: Sound quality is not the best. Still learning... sorry.




Sensory Deprivation - The Video Presentation

Well, it seems like I'm on a roll with video production.

A while back, I wrote a series on Sensory Deprivation through which I explained the importance and significance of re-establishing our connection to the Earth and Nature - both an active part of Creation. Really! Since then it came to me to turn this series into a video presentation.

Here is the result.


Note: Sound quality is not the best. Still learning... sorry.




Solar System Presentation

Here is a little video I made based on some information Father shared with Linda and I regarding the solar system. It took quite some effort on our part to be able to see outside the "box."

It's really quite amazing the extent to which worldly "education" limits and interferes with our capacity to Know Universal Truth and Live Harmoniously with Creation.

Note: Sound quality is not the best. Still learning... sorry.


You are welcomed to download our free e-book "Heliotropos" to learn more about this Different Perspective of the solar system and how it relates to our every day Life.

Using beauty to hide darkness - part 3

So, how is it that Linda and I didn't notice the horse's pain in the container when we first bought it?

I can think of two reasons.

First, we were hungry. Hungry for nourishing and beautiful things that would help us create a Mystical and Magical environment in the run down house we were staying in. The design, colors, and portray of Father Christmas with all the gifts and beautiful colors answered that need strongly - especially since Christmas was approaching.

Second, we hadn't watched Stormy May's movie, so we were pretty much unaware of what the horse's head was depicting. In other words, we were just as brainwashed as everyone in this regard... it's just the way it is... ignore it... let's pretend all is ok... Of course this is not an excuse, but it still is a reason for the omission.

Father talked about this problem early in our journey as he explained how undernourishment in the physical and spiritual levels causes people to dismiss and overlook all the details that would point out to the reality of any situation. This is why so many people fall for scams...

To explain this, Father used the example of a commercial store filled with beautiful things that helped soften the darkness to which it was really catering to. Hungry or starved people would be so focused on the beautiful things that "nourished" their Souls or provided "candy" for their eyes that they would easily dismiss the darkness as if it was a minor "mishap" by the owner which it wasn't.

All the beauty, colors, plush and luxurious garments, toys, and patterns displayed on the container are all intended to hide the cruelty of a man who is inflicting great pain upon the horse he is riding. Of course this is not about the character of Father Christmas but rather about the cruelty that was inserted into this painting through purposeful choice by the painter so as to mix "goodness" and "cruelty" so to speak and create confusion... blur the lines... create the illusion that "goodness" and "cruelty" go hand in hand together... that the "good" are just as cruel as the "evil." After all, the horse could have been drawn with loose reigns...

This beauty also makes the painter's choice to introduce cruelty into an otherwise benign image difficult to accept and easily brushed off for how could someone capable of depicting such beauty harbor such cruelty?

This is but one example of how beauty is used by darkness, death, decay, and destruction to fool us.

It is time for us to wake up to this misuse of beauty, learn to recognize when darkness, death, decay, and destruction hide behind it, and choose to not fall for their scam.

Using beauty to hide darkness - part 2

Upon closer inspection of this beautiful container I realized that the expression of the horse's head was one of pain and discomfort. Very much identical to the ones Stormy May shows in her movie "The Path of the Horse" when she speaks of the abuse horses are being subjected to by riders.

Here is a side by side comparison between the horse in the container and an image from one of the mistreated horses depicted in the movie.

The similarities are obvious.

Whoever painted the Father Christmas image was very observant and accurate. He or she painted it like it is showing the horse's anguish and pain caused by Father Christmas holding the reigns so tight. Now, why he / she chose to paint a Father Christmas holding the reigns so tight and causing pain to the horse is unknown to me. What I do know however, is that the brutality of this action is cleverly disguised by the beauty surrounding it.

This kind of disguise has been and continues to be used very effectively by darkness, death, decay, and destruction to hide their brutality, hate, and pain or to introduce deception into a completely benign practice or concept.

How could Linda and I not have noticed this in the container when we first bought it?

Using beauty to hide darkness - part 1

A few days ago I unpacked a box that contained things Linda and I bought while in Indianapolis. In it was a beautiful looking cylindrical storage container depicting a scene with Father Christmas riding on a horse and carrying all kinds of gifts.

As you can see, the design is very well done. Beautiful colors and patterns that touch upon the Mystical and Magical of times gone by. Father Christmas with his well tended white beard, wearing nice plush soft and cozy warm clothing... a white horse with a long well groomed tail arranged with colorful reigns... all the classical christmas gifts of western society - doll, puppy, boat, ball, drum, and so on...

Simply well done.

Rather than re-packing it, I placed the container in one of my rooms to In-Joy... and for many days I did. Then one day I noticed something I had pretty much overlooked before: the horse's head.

Can you tell from this picture what might be the problem?

Another little confirmation

Remember my bee entry "Bees and us" in which I note how much we can learn from bees? Here is another quote from Mr. Mraz's article (he had almost 60 years of beekeeping experience at the time of the article):

While I never made any money in beekeeping, it has been a wonderful life with no regrets. What more can we ask of life? Just ask the bees, you can learn more from them than from all the books in the world.

Little confirmation

A few weeks back I was given a copy of an old magazine called "Gleanings in Bee Culture." This particular issue was dated July 1977. That is a 42 year old copy! Nevertheless, as I was reading it with great interest, I came across an article by Charles Mraz from Middlebury, VT which I found quite interesting.

bee magazine.JPG

Here are some quotes from the article:

It is now more than 40 years that "scientific queen breeding" started to produce a superior bee by artificial insemination and other "revolutionary" methods. Personally, I believe the results of this "scientific breeding" have been disasterous [ibid.].[...] Fifty years ago we had far better bees in many cases than we have now. [...] Mother Nature is still the best queen breeder, she's had an awful lot more experience.

Remember my bee entry "Little white bees" and my comment in it about honey bees having lost their sensuality somewhere along the line? Well Charles' observation certainly provides a clue as to how it has happened! It has been bred out of them in search of the perfect slave bee, tireless mass producer of honey! They have been artificially inseminating bees since at least the 1930's. Greedy bastards. This insane mindset that has contaminated so many people on Earth is so deleterious and disrespectful of Life...

It is my hope that perhaps one day these people will wake up and realize the insanity of their actions and if not, at least I hope that the rest of us are smart enough to end supporting these people and falling for their empty promises of progress.

Let me end this entry with another quote from Mr. Mraz:

Of course, if we are to believe the "scientists", whoever they are, bees do not "think", they do everything by "instinct". Perhaps this is true, but after almost 60 years of beekeeping, I seem to be more convinced that the bees are smarter than the "scientists".

Growth and malnourishment

In my parenting book I indicated that humanity's "pressure" for early reproduction is related to its unhealthy state and I likened this to stressed plants in a garden. Every gardener knows that stressed and sickly plants will go to flower and seed well in advance of healthy specimens.

Here is an example of what I refer to.

Earlier this year, I planted a small row of sunflowers in what's called the winter garden. This is a garden where I have had limited success growing things so I know there is something out of whack with the soil.

I planted Mammoth sunflowers from an earlier planting which produced smaller than expected seed heads to see what would happen. Here is what the package says one can expect of mammoth sunflowers.


Mammoth sunflowers are supposed to grow anywhere from 7 to 12 feet tall and produce enormous seed heads that are about 12 inches wide!

So let's follow their growth.

Here you can see the seedlings after a few weeks of growth. You can already tell not all seedlings are doing as well even though they were planted on the same day. Note the one behind the row toward the upper right corner.

This is what they looked like a few weeks later. Now mind you that I haven't done anything to the soil except add mulch at some point after their germination. The entire row is watered by a soaker hose. Theoretically they are all getting the same amount of water. I say theoretically because soaker hoses are notorious for plugging.


What accounts for the difference in growth? There are three possibilities. One is genetics. As all gardeners know, some seeds are healthier and stronger than others. Two is soil nutrition and watering. A few feet can really make that much difference! At least in this garden. Three, a combination of both, genetics, soil nutrition, and watering.

Notice how the weak sunflower has already gone to flower while all the others are in the height of their growth. Below you can see the great difference in strength and development between the weakling and a healthier plant.


Another +/- 20 days pass before the tall, healthy sunflowers open their flowers. Notice the difference in height and development. At this stage the tall sunflowers are well over 6 or 7 feet tall while the weakling plant is already withering away at less than 4 ft of growth. Notice that there is another weakling sunflower plant displaying the same generic problem. It is on the left bottom corner of the photo.


Quite a startling difference if you ask me!

You say so what? All plants flowered after all. They lived and died, what else do you want?

Let's look at the seed heads and compare them. Check the size difference! Compare that tiny seed head (at the base of the middle one with brown seeds) with all the others.



The pictures speak for themselves. A couple of inches compared to about 8 inches for the largest seed head which is still 4 inches short of the 12 inches I should have been able to grow. Note also that for whatever reason, conditions were such that one of the tall sunflowers produced dark brown seeds which is uncharacteristic for this type of sunflower.

This is how much nutrition and parental genetics matter! Faulty nutrition and parental genetics rob the off-spring of a long life full of vibrant growth and health.  This malfunction is then passed on to future generations. This is a slippery road down to oblivion...

Sadly enough, our children are actually manifesting the same problems due to faulty parental genetics and severe malnutrition coupled with environmental pollution. Not only are they not developing to their full potential but they are also flowering and going into reproduction way ahead of normal. This is a sign of their lack of health. Their bodies feel imminent death and this kicks in the reproduction program.

One difference to keep in mind between the plant kingdom and the human one is that while malnourished, deficient plants grow small and spindly, malnourished humans grow tall and spindly (as Weston A. Price observed.) Human skeleton narrows in shape and elongates, creating tall people with narrow heads that hamper normal brain development as well as with narrow hips which hampers normal delivery of babies. Both conditions bring untold misery and pain to humanity.

So what does nutrition and parental genetics matter? A lot. It can be the difference between a healthy joyful life and a miserable one! If you are thinking about becoming a parent or already have children, please do everything you can to enhance your and your children's nutrition in a NATURAL way. We all deserve a Joyful Life.

The official movie...

Well... not quite but a little movie nevertheless. I went to the garden today and noticed one of the white bees on a flower. I watched and observed it dedicate minutes upon minutes on one single flower. Eventually I realized that perhaps I would have time to go back, get my camera, and do a little video recording.

I left, came back, and the bee was still there on the same flower. Here is a little sample of its behavior. It was a windy day so things moved around a bit. Sorry for that.

Little white bees...

It has been quite interesting to be surrounded by so many bees. Several weeks ago I came across a bee type I had never seen before. Not that I know much about bees, but at least I can tell the difference between honey bees, sweat bees, bumble bees, and wasps...

Anyway, when I saw it I was totally amazed and curiously observed its behavior upon the flower blossom it was visiting. Immediately I noticed a very different behavior and that intrigued me a lot. My observation of regular honey bees is that they usually land on a flower, move around looking for pollen and then away they go onto the next flower. No time to loose or waste.

This bee, which had white stripes and a wider and hairier body than the regular honey bee was different. This bee actually touched the flower. I mean it caressed it and tended it. It felt it with all of its little hairy body. It looked around and took care of it. It submerged itself in it. It just experienced it without apparent movement or purpose. It almost seemed that for this bee, gathering nectar and pollen was a byproduct of a much meaningful experience. It wasn't in a hurry. Neither did it seem focused on gathering as much nectar and pollen as possible like honey bees seem to do. Yet this bee was covered in pollen like I have never seen a honey bee do.

Some time later I noticed the same type of bee on one of the sunflowers. This time, a regular honey was present as well and I was able to watch again in real time the difference in behavior. The honey bee walked on top of the flower, barely touching it. It was an efficient process without closeness to it. The white bee walked through the flower and dived into it. It touched it. Again, the differences were very apparent. This time I took some pictures which you can see below.

bee types closeup.png

honey bee.png

white stripped bee.png
As I continued pondering about this observation, the funny realization dawned on me that perhaps the honey bee had been "christianized" so to speak. And by that I mean, it had somehow picked up the christian self denial attitude which denies the sensual experience of creation and transforms life into a pure intellectual routine for the benefit of the "colony." No feelings, no sensuality, just work for the greater good of the community while you wear yourself out doing so.

In contradistinction to this, the white striped bee was 100 percent sensuous. Everything was about feeling, sensing, and yes, even Loving for it carefully and patiently took time to tend the flower a little section at that a time. It was about being in the moment without any sense of rush whatsoever to gather pollen. Believe me, I'm not making this up. It was just there to be observed and as easy to distinguish as day and night.

This experience kind of deflated my initial enthusiasm with "traditional" honey bees and bee hives for it seems that at some point they lost something of great value: the capacity to Live and InJoy Life.

Now the christianized western mind is likely to misinterpret what I say because it only knows either the christian repression of sensuality / natural sexuality or the asocial / deviant drives this repression produces. Thus for such a mind, the notion of letting go of sensual repression automatically gets wrongly associated with giving free reign to the asocial / deviant drives produced by the repression. Hence the sexual insanity that is going on in the world. However this could not be further from the Truth.

As Wilhelm Reich documented so well in his research, neither the repression nor the secondary asocial drives it causes are natural expression of human sexuality. Instead there is what he calls the primary drives or natural sexual drives that are. Therefore, when I describe the sensual nature of the bee and the value of such experience I speak of primary drives that are, as Reich documented so well, always very Respectful of Life. There is nothing asocial or deviant about them even though they do not fit standardized or bastardized morality.

In a way it could be said that this white striped bee belongs to a family of bees that has retained its primary drives which allow it to be fully sensuous in a healthy way. A way that is good for both, itself and the flowers it graces. Really amazing.

How beautifully Life on Earth could be if humanity re-awakened to its true unhampered, unrestricted, uninhibited primary drives...

Who would have thought that the simple act of observing some bees could provide such insights?

Honey, sweet honey...

Well, after many many years of a bee-keeping break, the community in which I reside resumed bee keeping. While we have all kinds of wild bees hovering all around, this year we were gifted a hive by the area bee-keeper.

Not so long ago was my first harvest of honey. Delicious!

Here are a few photos showcasing the extraction.

First, this is what the extractor looks like. Once you get the frames with the honey out of the hive and you uncap them using for example a hot knife, you place the frames within the extractor. The one we have here can take up to four. We learned that is better though to do two at a time. Otherwise it's to difficult to spin. That thing rattles like everything when you crank the handle.


This is what the inside of the extractor looks like.You can see part of the wooden frames and drops of honey against the inner wall of the extractor which works by centrifugal force.


Uncapping the honeycomb so that the honey can be extracted is actually quite messy. At least for first timers. Here is what our table looked like after we processed four frames. The floor was another matter...


And finally here is a picture of the extracted honey flowing into the jar! Absolutely delicious. This honey happens to be mainly mesquite honey. Here in the desert is what was and still is in bloom around this time. The salt cedar is beginning to flower so pretty soon the honey will change its color and flavor.


More Gardening Updates

Below is a picture showing the last harvest from the green house. We had lots of red chard left and some tiny carrots. But that's not really the reason I chose to show this picture.

summer squash.JPG

The real reason is the summer squash!

Why? Because in a way it just popped out of nowhere.

You see, I planted a few summer squash seeds this year hoping to overcome last years' total failure with this vegetable. Last year I couldn't even get the plants to grow.

This year however, I succeeded with a few plants and in my enthusiasm I have eagerly and repeatedly checked them for signs of squash. Now at one point I saw one plant beginning to grow a tiny squash. I was really happy but then that little tiny squash shriveled into nothingness. I thought doomsday was at hand for my summer squash crop, that this was just a sign of ominous disaster foretelling what to expect. I needed the Abundance to nourish myself! Not surprisingly this caused a little struggle in me.

It was an old struggle. It is a new struggle. It is a current struggle. It is a struggle that repeats itself on a daily basis around the world, namely "I can't live off the land anymore. I need to move to the city to get a job to stay alive."

This struggle occurred in my lineage and caused it to leave the land for the city. This struggle also occurred in Linda's lineage and caused her lineage to leave the land. Both of our lineages were spiritually hampered by this choice and in actuality so is everyone's lineage as well. Why? Because leaving the land for the city is the equivalent of leaving Eden for the world of deception. Leaving the capacity to receive a direct supply from Creator so as to accept a barrier between Creator's Good Will and Intent for us and us. A barrier that requires slave labor or slabor in exchange for food, housing, and comfort. A slabor that destroys the Earth and her people.

Fortunately for me I knew better and I reaffirmed my choice to get rid of the colonial mindset that says I have to "earn a living" to stay alive. I picked up a book on vegetables and learned that squash is actually known for making "imperfect" fruit, or fruit from unpollinized female flowers which naturally shrivel. What a relief! There was still hope, yet the days continued to pass and no signs of squash were to be seen.

Then, a couple of days ago, when I was re-affirming my choice for Love or the Father I suddenly felt like looking at one of the plants and there it was! A very large squash. I looked to the next plant and another! Literally out of the blue! Mind you that I had been regularly checking these plants and never saw any real squash growing on them... Yet there they were now!

Ha! Success! How good it feels and tastes!

Talk about tangible, instantaneous manifestation of one's choice for Life!

Our choices do matter!

Never sell out for the false witness of the world and its glitter!

And if you or your lineage already has, it's never too late to correct the course!

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