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Entries in this blog follow a pattern of evolving refinement of my capacity to Live, Experience, and Understand Universal Truth, Universal Law, and Universal Love as Self. You may find that reading any single entry is not unlike reading a random page from a book you have never read. It may or may not make sense. To pick the topic from the beginning, simply click on the link found under each entry's title, or... start with the very first entry and take it from there, or... visit the on-line store to download free e-book compilations of all entries.

The contents of this blog are under Father's Creative Notice. That is to say I leave it to Divine Law to balance any transgressions. To better understand this, visit the Creative Notice, Translation Notice, and In our Words pages. These three pages, in and of themselves, may contain answers you have been looking for...

Hope you In-Joy finding and receiving the many gems made available through this blog, but if the information presented here doesn't float your boat simply continue looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Your Peace and Spiritual Progression do matter.

May the Father Walk with you,


Confirmation 2

The other little article in that Hispanic magazine "El Desierto" that caught my attention was about the solar system. This is another little confirmation. This time it pertains to the solar system video I made. Did you know that...? ... The solar system has a tail? The article talks about  […]

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Confirmation 1

I really like getting small confirmations here and there of what I have come to understand. A few days ago, I was at a car repair shop in Yuma, AZ and came across a Hispanic magazine called "El Desierto" (The Desert) - issue 783, 17/2019, January 14 to 20. In it were two tiny articles that  […]

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The Squatting Conundrum - The Presentation Video

Like I said, I seem to be on a video production roll. Here is a video presentation of my entries titled "The Squatting Conundrum." I really believe you won't regret getting passed the (potential) initial shock... Don't worry, nothing gruesome or disrespectful... In-Joy Note: Video display  […]

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Sensory Deprivation - The Video Presentation

Well, it seems like I'm on a roll with video production. A while back, I wrote a series on Sensory Deprivation through which I explained the importance and significance of re-establishing our connection to the Earth and Nature - both an active part of Creation. Really! Since then it came to me to  […]

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Another little confirmation

Remember my bee entry "Bees and us" in which I note how much we can learn from bees? Here is another quote from Mr. Mraz's article (he had almost 60 years of beekeeping experience at the time of the article): While I never made any money in beekeeping, it has been a wonderful life with no  […]

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The official movie...

Well... not quite but a little movie nevertheless. I went to the garden today and noticed one of the white bees on a flower. I watched and observed it dedicate minutes upon minutes on one single flower. Eventually I realized that perhaps I would have time to go back, get my camera, and do a little  […]

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More Gardening Updates

summer squash.JPG

Below is a picture showing the last harvest from the green house. We had lots of red chard left and some tiny carrots. But that's not really the reason I chose to show this picture. The real reason is the summer squash! Why? Because in a way it just popped out of nowhere. You see, I planted a few  […]

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Bees and us


Bees, bees, bees buzzing all around... buzzing over here, buzzing over there... coming and going... what secrets do they hold? Bees holding secrets and information...can that be? They do give us honey... of that we are sure, but knowledge? That's quite unlikely! Or is it likely? Let's take a peek!  […]

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Garden Update


Things have been quite interesting this season. We are experiencing cooler than usual temperatures which is just nice and dandy for the desert. More cool and fresh air, nice real blue sky and puffy clouds, moisture, and an extended cool weather crop. Here are a few more pictures from the garden.  […]

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The points of all the points

The point of all the prior points is that Life on Earth was designed to be Nurturing and Abundant in ways that we no longer remember. It is a huge mistake to make the assumption that we can take "scientific" observations based on current situations and presume that such conditions have  […]

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