Welcome of the Father

This is the blog of a mystical Great Pyrenees who valiantly brought much Joy and many surprises to Linda and Martin. One day, after many months of careful observation, he announced his readiness to start his very own blog. Of course, it had to be designed around his favorite color: fuchsia.

So here it is! A blog by a dog who had a lot to say and yearned for a property where he could roam free upon the land. Feel welcomed to browse this blog to your Heart's content or visit the online store to download free e-book compilations of all entries.

The contents of this blog are under Father's Creative Notice. That is to say we leave it to Divine Law to balance any transgressions. To better understand this, visit the Creative Notice page.

Hope you In-Joy finding and receiving the many gems made available here, but if the information presented here doesn't float your boat simply continue looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Your Peace and Spiritual Progression do matter.

May the Father Walk with you.


I want to say
I like a Different Way.

I like being me.

Did you see how well I did?

You can Trust me.
That's all I have to say.

Pay attention

I want to say
pay attention.

Abundance is coming our way.
Get something for me too.

You can

I want to tell you,
but first I must sit down.

You can learn to do it Different.

Keep trying.

Now I must lay down.

Have a good night.


I want to tell you something.

You shouldn't go out to play
on a rainy day
if you don't have
your "gear".

I can help

I want to tell you,
you should listen to me.

You should type it too.

I can help you know what to do.
Just copy what I do.

He is making a reference to the film "Back to Eden", where Paul Gautschi suggests to look at nature and copy what it does.

All day

I want to tell you
the biscuits you made are good.

I could eat them all day.

Can I have another?

Biscuit time

I want to start by saying
it's biscuit time
and you need to cook dinner.

Don't delay.

That's all I have to say.

It's nice

I want to say
I didn't mean to delay.

I want to say
I just wanted to stay outside.

It's nice out there.

Let's go out again.

That's all I want to say.

along the way

When you go out to Play
all is well along the Way.

Don't go out play.
Go out to Play.

Thank you

Now I want to say
what I really meant to say.

What I want to say is
thank you for a good time
in the snow.

Can we go out again?

In the snow

I want to say
it's a good day
when you go out to Play.

I liked going out to Play
in the snow this day.

Let's do it more often.

That's all I have to say.

Still dirty

I want to tell you
you didn't clean the floor.

Please clean the floor.
It's dirty.

That's all I have to say.


I want to tell you
you need to clean up the floor.

I like clean floors.

A home

I want to tell you
I want a home.

Would you take me there?

I really want a home.

That's all I have to say.

Now let's go.

Let's go there

I want to say
let's go there.

Don't delay.

It is a Better Place.
I can run free and you can too.

Let's go there.
Don't delay.

That's all I have to say.

Why wait?

Why wait until another day
when you don't play?

Why don't start today?

You can have it that way.

Then when you don't play
you don't have it both way.

That's all I have to say
until the next day.


I want to say
go out to Play
and all Abundance is yours


Let's go

I want to say,
it is a good day
when you don't go out to play.

Let's go Play.


I want to say
that you do a Different Way
[when] you don't go out to Play
until it's a Sunny Day.

Hearing problems

I want to say
that you have a Different Way
each and every day,
but you don't say...

Mister went away without finishing. We think he wants to make the point that People can't hear what isn't said.

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