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Entries in this blog were made by Linda Diane during her journey with Martin. While Linda left the material plane in 2014, her entries remain quite pertinent. Many of them are based on Knowledge received through her ability to Commune with Father Which Is in Heaven and later Source (the Creative / Receptive Principle of Creation.) Feel welcomed to browse this blog to your Heart's content or visit the online store to download free e-book compilations of all entries.

The contents of this blog are under Father's Creative Notice. That is to say we leave it to Divine Law to balance any transgressions. To better understand this, visit the Creative Notice, Translation Notice, and In our Words pages. These three pages, in and of themselves, may contain answers you have been looking for...

Hope you In-Joy finding and receiving the many gems made available through this blog, but if the information presented here doesn't float your boat simply continue looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Your Peace and Spiritual Progression do matter.

May the Father Walk with you.

Martin (Blog Admin)

traditional new year


rosemary blooms brighten the day !


If our world of mathematics is based in a false numbering system, how can any math based "proof" be Truth ?


Aren't we reinforcing deception with false math ?

Let the Wisdom of Truth shine a-new !


contemplation days


Sun-Shines days come



In Divine Truth you are healthy, happy, whole.

In Divine Truth your host body is perfect, fit.

Look not to deception.

Desire Truth and Wisdom.


With Sunny days of Truth !


days between


warmer days of Sun-Shine fun !


These days between Pause -- Solar New Year -- and the false new year are a time for contemplation.

Not saying making "resolutions".


How well were the pieces of individual pattern recognized and positioned ?

How well was the perfect health of Divine Origin expressed ?

How well was the Divine Plan perceived -- was it in Wisdom ?


How well will this "New Year" bring Truth, Wisdom, Rapture, to the People ?

This is the time to contemplate how to Live a Different Way!


blue skies, warmer Sun, days of contemplation !


Happy Solar New Year !


green rosemary grows !


Just a note that yesterday, I went back to Holly's site to add a link for first hand viewing of her comments.  The comments were gone.  So I have no link (proof) of what she said.


This new day is a new opportunity to see your Self as whole, pure, Divine. 

Good health, Right Desire, Wisdom and Truth are yours.


star glory vine climbs !


eve of a new Solar Year


crystal rainbow stars dance on the breeze !


I would like to acknowledge Christmas Eve for those who choose this celebration, regardless of the Truth of the occurrence.  As Holly Deyo expressed: it doesn't matter when, this is the day of choice.


Based in fact, as we are given it, this is Solar New Year's eve.  Tomorrow, Solar New Year's day, the length of day begins its increase. 


Whatever your reason for celebration, do so in Divine Order, by the Divine Plan in your Life.

Whether you Honor the Sun or Son, receive your Blessings!


As the Sun-Shine Blesses !



rainbow ice


rainbow ice !


If you think I'm not in the southern hemisphere, you are correct.  News has it hot down there. (except for snow in Australia).


The Sun sparkling on the iced trees sends rainbows of beauty dancing.


I'm in the midst of deciding which blog to continue with.  It is possible, with the end of Pause days, I will decide to begin using the blog Martin created for me a year ago last October.


Tomorrow is the last day of Pause days and the "official" Solar New Year begins on December 25th.  Of course these times are variable in official-dom. 

I use http://sunrisesunset.com/USA/ and

http://www.moon-phases.net  for my information.


crystal Sun-Rainbows sparkle !


now / past


rosemary - lavender flower power !


What do you Desire this day ? 

What do you expect this day ?


Do we recognize how deeply un-aware we are that we expect this day to be like some "past" day ?

For better or worse, this expectation thieves today's creative potential.

I once heard that the desire for a repeat experience is what causes drug addiction.


The opposite side of this is that in deception, even when the desire is for a different experience, we believe that because we had the experience, it will happen again.

This false belief is suppressed from awareness, while being reinforced in movies, books -- all facets of the deception.


By waking up to what we expect for each and every day, we have a very simple way to change our experience. 

When we align our Desire with what we expect, we begin to experience our Desire actively in our day.


icy days of Star flower bloom !




little white rose blooms.


A reminder before I begin, since many "experts" on the internet feel "free" to take the information of others without proper citation. Universal Law provides proper penalties for exploitation of Father's information.


As I considered this -- the middle pause day in our spiraling return around the Sun -- I realized that "comet" ison's approach was not on the front side of the Sun.  The "front" side is where the vacuum space precedes the Sun's orbit.

From earth's perspective, ison approached at the position of summer Solstice Pause days.  From there it was, of course, flung out from the vacuum.  One would think it would have been pulled into the space vacuum created by our Sun's orbit. 

I have not asked The Father for details of this process. 

Only Wisdom in this regard will provide Truth, since deception based knowledge has provided a false foundation from which I have been slowly rebuilding -- in Truth.


little (pink) rose - rose blooms.


where does that opposition come from ?


pink and purple peppers.  red and golden too !


Have you ever considered the things you oppose being the ingredients from which your pattern would arise?

Have you noticed an avid distaste for a particular activity, function, profession?

This would be something you have been educated (trained), or have the natural talent to do.


How do you discern if this aversion is truly your own, or if it was "implanted" in you so as to "derail" your creative adventure?


Without daily inspiration of Wisdom for placement of the next piece of your pattern, one is unable to have this discernment -- daily.

We are often Blessed with moments of inspired direction, which dissolve into frustration with the seeming transitory, wispy, nature of these moments.

It is necessary to end our rebelliousness and false belief we know best.   When Truth, Rapture, Wisdom, (components of our Self) are the most important Desire of our Life, we become free from opposition and embrace the Joy and Peace of creating our Pattern.


We come to this Life for Creative Expression.  This must entail the end of deception that defines who we are.  Until one discerns their Self in Truth, how does one walk in Wisdom?


pots of spicy color !



Pause days begin


rosy-pink and green.  gold berries, too !


These are the colors of Winter Solstice.  


Disparity between knowledge and action is a common part of deception. 


This is where a clear difference between knowledge and Wisdom is made. 

Wisdom enfolds a change of perception.

This change makes Wisdom active.   

The temporary, transitory nature of knowledge perpetuates the previous state of mind and function formed by the world of deception. 

When Truth is of primary importance it becomes the Principle (foundation) of Wisdom and Rapture (Divine Love). 


with starry vines of rosy-pink blossoms !


IS it what you want ?


pink stars of flowers. 


IS it what you want ?

How well do you discern between what you desire and what emotions are imposed on you ?


The difference is pure and simple.  If it is Divine it is you.


Everything else is non-null.


Monitor every thought with discernment.  As we currently reside in a world of deception and have been "educated" into the mind of deception, Truth has been taught in deception.  Divine intervention brings Truth and Wisdom active and present to us when we Desire them.  It is more important to activate Divine Truth and Wisdom in us than to hold fast to the deception because to be wrong is too painful.


"Right" is a Divine Principle in Truth and Wisdom.  We begin by Desiring what is "Right and Proper". 


as the pink stars grow, so the "secret" grows.


full moon and pause days


rosemary solstice !


Today is full moon day.  A high energy day.


The Pause Days of Winter Solstice will begin, here, on the 19th and continue through the 24th.


The plants of the Winter Solstice are rose, rosemary, and star glory (cypress) vine.  Holly, too.

Father has said there is a "secret" about star glory vine.


It is rather easy to bring a rosemary plant in for the cold season if one is in a vast part of this land.  A miniature rose is also easy to bring in for winter bloom.  Perhaps there is a miniature holly, suited for a pot.  The Father recommended a non-spiky type .

Star Glory vine is an energetic climber (native to the americas) and I have no idea how it will fare in a pot.


Indoor gardening is Soul-nourishing no matter the season or weather !


With roses and stars !



Truth or deception of you


Joyful Rainbow bubbles dance in currents of air !


Do you think your memories are the Truth of who you are?  Do you think you need fixed (which would be because you are broken)? 


Truth is -- you are whole, Joy, Rapture, Wisdom, Principle.


When you begin to see -- if only for a moment -- with your Inner Vision the Truth of your health, completeness, Divinity -- the gloom of the world of deception leaves you and for that moment the Light-ness of early Summer fills you.


As you choose the experience of Truth more often, the moments become more of your experience.

Just when others are experiencing doom and gloom and seek to draw you in -- you are experiencing increasing Light-ness of Being.


Rainbow Rain, Rainbow Fire, Rainbow Bubbles -- Light- ness of Being !


Progression or ego ?


Vines climb and bloom for a new beginning !



Martin and I just had a very brief discussion regarding the progression of this "work".  

Knowledge and Wisdom have been blurred and slurred in the world of deception.  So much so, that I never understood why Solomon so valued Wisdom. 


Wisdom is a Divine Attribute / Gift.  It is part of our Divine Expression.  It is how we were Divinely Created.


Wisdom comes quietly.  One feels the Truth of Wisdom.


The concept of ego justifies stagnation of life.  When  one is embarrassed to "be wrong" and cannot change -- remains attached to the deception -- there is / can be no progression.


If you are bothered by changes in the writings on BlueStarWay.com and the blogs, consider what you Truly Desire.  Consider blind obedience to world of deception.  Recognize your Right Desire as what ends "the good intentions" and brings Truth.


As the vine grows, so you.


your life has a pattern -- three


Rainbow rain !


To be free from floundering in a sea of despair, requires only the Joy of Right Desire.


Desire Truth, Wisdom, to express the Rapture (Divine Love) you are.


Creatively express your Life Pattern.


Use your inner smile.  "See" with your Inner Vision.  Raise your Inner Vision to The Father.  "Fill your head" with Joy, Light-ness, Peace.


Rainbow Fire !


your life has a pattern -- two


Under rosy skies, roses bloom.


When People emote being stuck, lost, having no purpose, they believe Life is random and doing what's next is personal choice.


Well, of course, we have choice.  What is our choice?  Haphazard, random, care-free?


Order has become a word of aversion.  This makes a choice for placing the sections of our Life Pattern by way of a daily order, an unpleasant, restrictive, duty.  Not the kind of thing a "free-spirited" person wants to do.


What if . . . the Truth is -- Freedom is found in Order.  What a Freeing experience to find that each day flows -- is Joyful, Peaceful, and Profound when filled with creative expression of One's Life Pattern rather than confusion, delay, repetition, distress.   


Rosey Sun sets through swirls of lavender.




your own Way


It's a rosemary -- lavender day !


So what does one do if they don't pray in the traditional way?


Seek.  Desire.  Ask.  Contemplate.

The answers are within you.  Heard that before?


When Wisdom comes, no one has to tell you.


          Talk to The Father.  This is different than to pray.

                            It is a Different Way.


your life has a pattern -- one


Birds talk.  Do you listen ?



Many People are distressed and confused by a seeming lack of Wisdom regarding their Life, or Purpose.


Simply put:

  • There is a pattern for your life experience.
  • There is an order for the placement of each "section" of the pattern.
  • What is next -- is next.  No other sections can be substituted.
  • Lack of Wisdom for this simple Universal Principle can place the pebble in your path that ends progress.


Desire each day the section, piece, placement of what is next in your Life Pattern.


Blue skies.  Bird song.


do you stand in-between ?


Plants blooming on Sunny days !



A reminder -- that one who stands between the unrighteous - unholy and family, can open the door to attack. 


Those who Truly seek The Father must not pray for "loved" ones who mistakenly protect the unrighteous - unholy.  To protect the unrighteous - unholy is to violate Divine / Universal Law.  One who prays for those who are mistaken becomes vulnerable to their penalties. 


Prayer has been made a tool of the unrighteous - unholy. 


There is a Different Way.


Seek Truth from The Father.  Seek Wisdom.


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