The tiniest, Biggest, and most uncommon book on parenting

A very touching and life enhancing perspective for those seeking a Different Way of Life
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"The book you are about to read is an Expression of Great Love and Gentleness. It is the unfolding of a process that began a long, long time ago - a Desire to find a way to Respect children made manifest."

These are opening words to a beautiful book through which you will be guided to take a look at the parent - child relationship from a very uncommon perspective. The goal is to understand how this parent - child relationship affects the perception of Creation. This Wisdom makes it possible to identify the type of conditions needed to In-Joy Life and conceive and raise healthy children. In so doing, the possibility presents itself to end the generational mistakes humanity has been repeating ad nauseam and which have brought so much misery upon Earth.

This simple process also provides the opportunity to mend relationships with self, parents, children, and ultimately Creator.

Regardless whether you are single or married, a teenager, grandparent, or somewhere in between...

Whether you love children or would rather never see one...

Whether you are just thinking about having children, are already surrounded by them, or are no longer responsible for them...

Whether you are a man or a woman, do or don't work with children...

Whether you are a city or country life lover...

This book contains a beautiful message that can greatly enhance anyone's In-Joyment of Life.

"It is the kind of book I wish my parents had read before conceiving me. What a difference it would have made!

Hope you In-Joy it as much as I did creating it."

284 (easy to read) pages

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-- "Many, many months after writing this book, I came across a wonderful book which powerfully illustrates what I seek to convey in relationship to raising children and our True Nature.

This book by Jean Liedloff is titled "The Continuum Concept: In Search for Happiness Lost." Through this book Jean explains a key concept she observed during her stay with a remote Amazonian tribe.

Please note that as developed as her power of observation was, there are two additional insights which, while she may have noted, did not get conveyed in her book. One was the fact that this tribe used to walk barefoot all the time and therefore remained continually grounded to the Earth (this is what makes the notion of a continually discharging body work). Two was the recognition that this tribe had an outstanding wisdom of nutrition which is manifested by their broad faces, perfect teeth, and broad noses. The connection between health, well being, and nutrition was amply documented by Weston A. Price in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration."

If you would prefer to watch a video interview of Jean Liedloff explaining the profound wisdom she learned from this Amazonian tribe, click this link.

-- Another wonderful book that provides invaluable information for self and children is "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back" by Esther Gokhale.

-- There is a wonderful youtube channel by a Chinese woman Li Ziqi. Through her videos she gives a living example of what Linda sought to convey regarding "women of Graces" and how they turn everything they do into a Beautiful Blessing.

Note the environment in which she lives: the natural Abundance and Beauty that is all around her. Not only because of what she does but also because of what her ancestors have done to the land to turn it into an oasis of Life wherein she can forage to her Heart's content.

This is a living example of Father's Loving Intent and His Desire for us to Live in utmost Abundance, Beauty, and Peace.

Follow the link below to access her channel and prepare to be amazed:

-- The list of supportive material continues to grow and expand! For an expansive view of birthing and how the gestation period affects each one of us, please watch this video:

Birth As We Know It - Prana Fest Presentation 2014 on Vimeo

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