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I (Martin) have begun a Desert Reforestation Project in the 'Great American Southwest.' Through this Project, I will be able to experience and show the practical application of the Wisdom Father has Shared.

The Exchange of the creative material available through this website supports this Desire as well as Father's Desire to make this material available to all who thirst for a Different Way of Life. It is a means to a greater end.

Additional financial support can be provided by making a donation using the link below.

Winds of Destiny Grant Request

Project Scope:
New design of water filtration and atmospheric regeneration systems.

The purpose of this grant request is to secure the means and the land upon which a New and Different Way, outside the paradigm of the old destructive way, can be implemented and developed into a viable alternative that is easily adapted to an individual or community level.

This New and Different Way will be implemented through four distinctive yet interdependent modules that will facilitate regeneration of the land and the people:

  1. Development of a new business model to replace an old and outdated paradigm.
  2. Creation, installation, and operation of inspired water designs to show the viability of new earth and soul friendly technology.
  3. Shifting of water utilization through implementation of a new and innovative garden design.
  4. Development of an ancient numbering system, language pattern, and calendar system that will support this paradigm shift.

Please use the "Contact Us" page if you feel Called to Answer the 'Winds of Destiny Grant Request.'

Your Exchange and Support is welcomed and appreciated.

May the Father Walk with you,


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Support Martins' Desire to show the practical application of the Wisdom received.
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Support Martins' Desire to show the practical application of the Wisdom received.
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