Healthy Expression

Here is a list of the symptoms of Healthy Expression of our Divinity:

  1. inner Joy
  2. Self Love
  3. Inner Beauty
  4. Respect for Life, Creation, and Self
  5. Doing things that support your well being
  6. Compassion and Laughter
  7. Healthy home, garden, land, rivers, air, food, furnishings
  8. Abundance
  9. Oneness with Nature
  10. Freedom of movement and flexibility
  11. Caretakering of land
  12. Inner Melody

In addition to this, some shamanic practices identify the following qualities as being beneficial to our Journey:

Seven Light Arrows:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Appreciation
  3. Self Acceptance
  4. Self Pleasure
  5. Self Love
  6. Self Actualization
  7. Impeccability

Seven Rainbow Arrows (slightly adapted):

  1. Inner Illumination
  2. Introspection and natural intuition
  3. Trust, innocence, and perfection
  4. Wisdom
  5. Open Heart to Heart communication
  6. Balance of the creative / receptive
  7. Abundance and Prosperity