Sensory Deprivation

Many say we are "sensory overloaded" but could it really be the opposite? Could we really be terribly deprived?
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Through this video Martin explores the fundamental cause of sensory deprivation in humans and the consequences of such sorrowful state of affairs. This provides a necessary shift in perception that is essential for a Happy Life on Earth. After watching this video you will grasp the underlying essence of the changes that are needed to prepare for what's coming.

This presentation also contains very interesting and revealing Guidance from Source aimed at supporting our choice for Life.

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"Many, many months after making this video, I came across a wonderful book which powerfully and quite shockingly illustrates the consequences of sensory deprivation on well being and happiness.

This book by Jean Liedloff is titled "The Continuum Concept: In Search for Happiness Lost." Through this book Jean explains a key concept she observed during her stay with a remote Amazonian tribe.

Please note that as developed as her power of observation was, there are two additional insights which, while she may have noted, did not get conveyed in her book. One was the fact that this tribe used to walk barefoot all the time and therefore remained continually grounded to the Earth (this is what makes the notion of a continually discharging body work). Two was the recognition that this tribe had an outstanding wisdom of nutrition which is manifested by their broad faces, perfect teeth, and broad noses. The connection between health, well being, and nutrition was amply documented by Weston A. Price in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration."

If you would prefer to watch a video interview of Jean Liedloff explaining the profound wisdom she learned from this Amazonian tribe, click this link.


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