When was the last time you wore or slept in antibacterial, antimicrobial, non-allergenic 100% natural fabric that actually supported your health and well being?

Most people don't realize that the skin is capable of absorbing that which it comes into contact with. Yet in reality our skin is tremendously absorbent. This is why nicotine patches work, this is why soaking in a warm tub with Epsom salts is so relaxing, and this is why it is so important to be aware of what we place next to our skin.

Historically, the skin of our ancestors was always either in touch with natural clothing made of plant fibers or animal skins or in direct touch with pristine fresh air. If dyes were used, these were mineral, plant, or insect based as well. Everything they touched was natural. Their tools, their clothing, their soil, their plants, and so on. Thus, our ancestors were being nourished not only through what they ate, but also through what they wore and touched.

Today things are quite different. A vast majority of people live surrounded by toxic air and wear synthetic or chemical laced plant clothing and footwear dyed with synthetic colors. Most of what we touch with our bare skin, feet, and hands is either synthetic or laced with toxic chemicals. Thus, our skin is no longer in contact with that which nourishes it and supports its health, but rather with that which is toxic to it resulting in health issues such as allergic reactions.

This lack of nourishment through our skin creates a tangible yet unidentifiable hunger that cannot be satiated by modern technology. So we are left craving... not sure for what, but craving nevertheless for something we can't quite put our finger on... or touch....

Sadly, while many people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for natural clothing and products, industry sees this need as an opportunity to rip them off, charging exorbitant prices accessible only to few. This leaves most people with little viable options to a healthy lifestyle.

BlueStarWay's 100% natural fabric collection is being made available to help change this around. We believe it is time to stop taking advantage of people's most basic needs for clean food, clothing, air, water, and environment.


Please Note:
Our Pre-Order time frame for natural fabric is now over. We will be placing an order directly from the mills shortly. Once the fabric arrives, we will make it available by the yard.

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