Our Story

Hi and welcome !

The story of Blue Star Way began in 2001 when Linda and I (Martin) met and solidified our journey together in marriage. As has been said before: "it was the best of times and the worst of times." Best, because of the Joys and Adventures we participated in as we discovered and polished Linda's ability to communicate with Father Which Is in Heaven and later with the Creative Receptive Principle or Source. Worst, because of the monumental and relentless spiritual opposition that was unleashed against us. Yet our Desire for Truth and Love for Self and each other could not be extinguished and only grew stronger with time. This enabled us to bring forth, among other things, much needed Information and Knowledge which is either completely new to this plane of existence or had never been made "publicly available" before.

Linda left the physical plane in 2014, an event which, as you may imagine, was quite painful. In need of processing and healing, I retired to an "off the grid community" where I had the opportunity to regain my strength and direction. Even though I was still able to contribute to my blog during this time, it wasn't until 2018 that I finally managed to open this online store where you can acquire some of the fruits of our 'labor of Love' (it was long overdue...). Fruits which will continue to multiply as I progress in my own Journey and Walk with the Father.

Each creation at Blue Star Way is an outward expression of a Commitment with the Father Which Is in Heaven, to solidify a new Heaven on Earth - that is, to make our Divinity fully manifest in / through the physical in its complete and unadulterated form. This is founded on Honor, Beauty, Virtue, Harmony, Peace, Love, Respect, and Universal Truth and of a necessity implies that - to the best of our ability - we:

  1. do no harm unto others - especially Mother Earth and her many manifestations through Nature
  2. hold harmless all that are drawn unto us - the intangible 'little' beings
  3. harm no men or women - living or dead. Neither by thought, word, or action.

All of the material available through Blue Star Way provides a means by which we can share what we have experienced and have come to Know in this journey toward awakening. It is created based on where we are at the time of its conception. It is intended to spark creative contemplation and consideration of 'if... then...'. It is intended to provide a means by which you can enhance your experience of that which is Divine (rather than to provide a means by which you are told or taught how to interpret the Divine, what to believe, how to behave, and what is right or wrong).

Future material will show Spiritual Progression in Awakening.

Divine Answers Respect all living things.

With Love and Respect,