Unhealthy Expression

Here is a list of symptoms showing an unhealthy expression of our Divinity:

  1. anger, hatred, contempt
  2. superiority, competition, struggle
  3. lust and greed
  4. restriction of movement
  5. stiffness
  6. displacement
  7. engaging in destructive thoughts, behavior, and entertainment
  8. belief in human (or) and animal sacrifice to appease / please gods (such as war to please the goddess of liberty or god of freedom)
  9. poisoned rivers, air, food, homes, land, bodies, minds, and hearts
  10. voluntary and involuntary slavery
  11. poverty indebtedness
  12. perdition
  13. alienation from nature and Self
  14. inner and outer noise
  15. inner chatter
  16. inner silence
  17. the fight of 'good' vs 'evil', 'light' vs 'darkness', 'control' vs 'free agency'
  18. darkness, death, decay, and destruction
  19. saving the world or converting the pagans
  20. complicated and convoluted

In addition to this, some shamanic practices identify the following qualities as being detrimental to our Journey:

Seven dark arrows

  1. attachment
  2. dependency
  3. judgment and condemnation
  4. comparison
  5. expectation
  6. needy child syndrome
  7. self importance
  8. self pity