About Us

Hi and welcome !

The premises under which we operate are quite simple:

  1. We are Benevolent Divine Beings manifesting in an energetic and physical body upon the Earth
  2. A malfunction or malnourishment in the energetic or physical bodies hampers expression of our Benevolence and Divinity
  3. Destruction of the Earth is destruction of Creation and ultimately of Self. This leaves us empty handed, displaced, hungry, and angry
  4. To In-Joy Life and Express our Benevolence as Divinely Intended we simply need to take care of Self and our Home / Earth / Creation. In this we gladly and naturally correct malfunctions and end malnourishment

Because we are nourished and affected by what we see, hear, think, say, breathe, touch, and feel, the single most important thing one can do right now for Self and Creation is to re-establish communion with Nature (also known as the natural world or Creation). This is FREE. All it requires is to touch the grass or bare dirt, sit under a tree, watch a sunset or sunrise, and / or plant a garden and delight in the healthy feelings these experiences support. These feelings are testimony of your True Self and Creator's Good Will and Intent for Creation and therefore you. Hold on to this.

The creative material we make available through this store is designed to facilitate the Benevolent In-Joyment of Life by supporting the nourishment and function of the Heart, Lotus (Soul), and Mind (Body). We do this through the new concept of 'Divine Increase'.

Some of the creations we offer contain or are based on Spiritual Understandings that have been lost to humanity. If what you see and read calls unto you, please do feel welcomed to answer the Call. There is certainly an Abundance of Divinely Inspired and Given Guidance, Wisdom, and Knowledge awaiting your Receptivity. If it so happens that it doesn't, then please be kind to yourself and continue your search elsewhere until you find the answer and information you need. Your Peace matters - hold on to it.

Blue Star Way is founded and operated based on the new Principle of 'Divine Increase', for it is a means through which Divine Feelings are increased and multiplied. We are neither "for-profit" nor "non-profit". We are by Divine Appointment "for Divine Increase".

Divine Increase occurs every time someone views and / or acquires available creations that nurture, nourish, inspire, or expand Divine Expression in Self and thus on Earth. In turn, resources received through this exchange are used to support one's Spiritual Journey and to generate Divine Increase through activities that nurture, nourish, and inspire one's Soul. Right and Proper Exchange makes this so.

This is a new business model which I'm currently developing based on the Direction and Guidance received from Father.

All of the material available through Blue Star Way provides a means by which we can share what we have experienced and have come to Know in this journey toward awakening. It is created based on where we are at the time of its conception. It is intended to spark creative contemplation and consideration of 'if... then...'. It is intended to provide a means by which you can enhance your experience of that which is Divine (rather than to provide a means by which you are told or taught how to interpret the Divine, what to believe, how to behave, and what is right or wrong).

Future material will show Spiritual Progression in Awakening.

Divine Answers Respect all living things.

With Love and Respect,