Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask that you agree to the following before completing the exchange:
  1. All of our creative material is provided under a "Creative Notice: In Divine Service" notice. That is to say, this material is protected by Universal Law and not worldly law.
  2. None of our creative material (such as books) is to be translated to other languages.
  3. You are welcomed to share or gift (but not sell) any paid downloadable file as you would a physical product. For example, to gift two of your friends, please buy 2 downloads - one for each of your friends.
  4. FREE downloads may be shared freely.
  5. We have asked Father Which Is in Heaven to Bless all of our creative material. Please use it Wisely and Respectfully.
  6. Any incorporation of this material into your life is at your discretion and your sole responsibility. Know that the Divine / Father Which Is in Heaven is available to provide additional support in understanding, learning, or applying this material in your own life.
  7. Because of the nature of digital products, we cannot offer refunds after they have been downloaded. If you are having trouble with a download, please contact us first so we can solve the problem. Refunds are in the way of store credit only.
  8. Refund of tangible items is with store credit only upon return of defective item. We cannot pay for costs of return shipping. Sorry.