A Side Note

Important Information About Who the Father Is

The Father Which Is in Heaven referred to in all of the material Linda and I have created is the Father Jesus taught us to pray to in the Lord's Prayer. 'Living God,' 'Father Within,' and 'Father' are used interchangeably and refer to the same Father Which Is in Heaven.

Please take note that the concepts we have “inherited” in regards to Who and What the Father Is, His Desires, Goals, and Aspirations, as well as how He Manifests on Earth and in Humanity are very limited, constricted, and quite frankly suffocating. Please do give yourself room for expansion in this regard and do not be put off by the use of this terminology. The information contained in all of our books and blogs is neither patriarchal, religious, spiritualist, scientific, dogmatic, atheist, shamanic, new age, worldly, alien, nor any other modality. It just Is what it Is.

Also be aware that while there is only one Father Which Is in Heaven and no one else can “claim” this Name, the words 'god,' 'father,' and 'lord' in and of themselves seem to not carry this type of restriction. Therefore, unless one makes it clear that the use of words such as 'God', 'Living God,' or 'Father' specifically address Father Which is Heaven, it is possible for any number of entities floating around with a 'god' or 'lord' complex to answer the call.

That this is not an issue to be taken lightly is shown for example by the vast numbers of people throughout history who have gone to war, plundered, and taken human life presumably under 'god's' direction as well as by the number of people who still subscribe to this day to the divinity of such guidance. It is also shown by the vast number of people who deny, sacrifice, and flagellate self or others in the name of 'god.' Father Which Is in Heaven would never incite such actions. He has made this very clear to Linda and I again and again.

Obviously, there is a great need to be very Discerning in this matter and while it would be easy to get lost in terminology and arguments, this is really a matter of the Heart and of Intention. For the western or 'christianized' mind, the term 'Father Which Is in Heaven' together with the refinements included in our books and blogs can be a helpful aid to hone one's Heart and Intention in the right direction.

I specifically say 'western' or 'christianized' mind because Father has Conveyed and made it very clear to us that:

"The Divine manifests in multiple ways, in multiple cultures.
It is each to its own way of perception"

And while different cultures do have different terminology and ways of relating to the Father, it is the case that all those who successfully commune with the Divine share common traits such as Harmony and Oneness with Nature, Peaceful disposition, Respect of Self and others, and Sovereign Expression.

To these cultures and people the notion of destroying, killing, debasing, conquering, subduing, converting, ruling, dominating, or profiting from their fellow men and Earth is incomprehensible and alien indeed.

Whatever you do and whichever way you Honor and Develop your Relationship with the Divine just remember that Divine Answers Respect all Living Things and that the Divine isn't engaged in any battles.

Something else that needs briefly explained is the convention we adopted to capitalize certain words that have various, and often times opposing, meanings and therefore are prone to being misinterpreted or misused because of this. In short, when we capitalize words within a sentence we do so to specifically refer to the 'healthy' and thus benevolent interpretation of these words that supports a Life and Sovereign Expression Harmonious with Creation and the Good Will and Intent of the Father Which Is in Heaven. When we write the same words without capitalization we do so to denote the misunderstandings associated with these words.

For example, in our writings, lower case 'l,' love, refers to the common misconception that associates this 'love' with sexual passion (passion is a word derived from the Latin word 'pati' which means 'to suffer'), sexual arousal, and / or physical attraction and requires such things as putting others first, attachment, control, self denial, (self) sacrifice, compromise, duty, etc., etc..

Capital 'L,' Love, on the other hand, refers in our writings to a Feeling that Elevates, Respects, Cares, Appreciates, brings Well Being and Comfort, and supports such states of expression as Health, Humor, Kindness, Peace, and Benevolence. An experience that is innate to our Being or Who We Are and is independent of others although its expression in us may be facilitated in their presence just like being in Nature facilitates us getting in touch with our inner Peace.

Similarly, little 'p' play denotes doing things in the way of the world and from the perception of the world. It includes slabor, fighting, resisting, profiting, ruling, destroying, abusing, killing, warring, saving, converting, and trying to defeat or overcome the 'bad guys,' whoever they may happen to be at any given time, so we can be 'safe.'

While, big 'P' Play indicates what we came here to Earth to do: Play in Father's Garden in a Light Hearted, Respectful, Joy-full, Constructive, Edifying Way through which we manifest our Divinity and expand our experience, KNowledge, and Understandings of Creation and Father Which Is in Heaven's Good Will and Intent for us.

As you can see, this convention, while seemingly simple, is of utmost significance to facilitate a Proper interpretation of our writings.

Obviously we can't nor haven't applied this convention to every word we use for that would be too cumbersome. Neither does this convention apply to proper names, though many times we purposely 'downgrade' a proper name to lower case to emphasize the point we seek to convey.

Occasionally we may miss a capitalization, however the concepts being conveyed within the sentence and paragraph will make it perfectly clear whether we are referring to the 'unhealthy' or 'healthy' meaning of the word.