Heliotropos - Toward the Sun

Join Showay and Aurora as they uncover the mysteries of the solar system

"In the dark night a figure rushed up the densely wooded path to the plateau. He felt inexplicably drawn by the strange occurrences of previous nights. The intensity of stellarlight magnified in the darkness of Lumina, amplified the kaleidoscope of colors in the sky. For the third night in a row, the strange musical light dancing through the skies had returned."

With these words begins a tale the likes of which has never been lived before in Terra, a planet that is on the fringe of transformation. As Showay and AurorA uncover the mysteries of the solar system, the Truth of what is and what is to be, becomes manifest.

Please note, some of the information contained in this book is technical as it pertains to astronomy.

106 pages

  • Item: EB-SF-001