Mystical and Magical

Is there such thing as Real Magic? How is it different than black majik or science?

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This book is a special compilation from Martin's Blue Star Blog designed to awaken the reader to a new and healthy understanding of the mystical and magical aspects of Creation.

During our time in North Carolina, Father shared the following Wisdom:

While fearfully observed,
intrinsically, energetically enjoyable,
creative magic is fulfilled / fulfills
your Endeavor.
Think you not an enchanted story
nourishes that which is child and adult alike ?
The adult Soul,
in particular man,
cries out for the much needed
nourishment and sustenance such endeavor would provide.

Through this exploration you will learn to differentiate magic in its natural and benevolent expression from majik a perversion of Truth which was introduced to lead people astray.

You will also learn about Beauty, Mystery, Feelings, Father Christmas, your Pure-Pose in Life, and Father's Desire.

A much needed book for those seeking to nourish their Souls.

51 pages.

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