Dreams and Days - Diamonds of your Design

Learn a fun and easy way to interpret dreams and events
This book by Linda contains a very simple process that allows anyone and everyone to uniquely define and interpret any event and dream in his / her life. All you need is pen, paper, dictionary, and the curiosity to solve your very own (multi-dimensional) mysteries.

Anyone who delights in keeping a diary or interpreting dreams will find this little tool invaluable.

"The Joy of Knowing is so full-feeling (pun intended), that there is no room for self-condemnation."

This book is the corner stone of Linda's and Martin's Endeavor from which 'all springs forth'. Which is to say, they both have used this method very successfully to uncover lots of hidden and valuable information needed to support their Lives and Desire to do things Differently.

You are welcome to visit Martin's BlueStar Blog which contains lots of entries showing the power and depth of this method to unveil not only problems but also the answers needed to solve them.

His Blog compilations "Mystical and Magical," "Spiritual Swimming 101," and "Respect" are excellent examples of what can be accomplished with this simple process revealed to Linda.

102 pages
  • Item: EB-HE-001