This set of four books is loaded with Divine Guidance

Through this set of four books, you can embark on a journey of expansion of awareness that has the purpose of supporting your awakening to and Living from your Divine Nature. This series is full of quotes from Father.

In "Life and the 'game of circularity'" you will receive Understanding and Knowledge that will help you move from the death and destruction of the 'game of circularity' to the Joy of Life.

111 pages

In "A Powerful Man" humankind's progression in spiritual understanding is addressed from an unique perspective that allows the distorted concepts of worldly love and worldly power to be explored. Then, your awareness is directed to the Divine Attributes of Love, Power, and Creativity. The qualities of the Powerful Being that you are, as well as suggestions on how to allow that which is already Divine Within you to come forth are also explored.

131 pages

In "A Refinement" Light is shed on several subtle distortions that are designed to further inhibit the journey of those individuals who Honestly seek Divine Truth in their Lives. In this book, Knowledge that is essential to Living in Honor and Virtue is brought forward.

190 pages

In "Soul Awakening" another level of understanding is brought forth regarding the dark energies that have beset humankind and Knowledge is shared to help you be Free of these influences. In so doing, you will receive the opportunity to welcome your First Righteous Endeavor and prepare yourself for the experience of your Feeling Tones.

156 pages

  • Item: EB-HE-003