Book 5 - Blue Star Blog

What do instant mash potatoes have to do with Life? That's a good question...
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This book compiles entries for Rhythm 1, 2011 ( December 22, 2010 through March 24, 2011 )

121 pages

This book contains the rest of the entries found in the book "Heliotropos - a Blue Star Blog Edition". It explores in a fun and interesting way, the information that Father shared with us regarding the orbit of the sun, earth, and moon. This version is more reader friendly than our actual sci-fi book "Heliotropos - Toward the Sun," which contains much more detailed astronomical nomenclature.

Other topics include genesis, how Father's Garden has been misrepresented, enslavement, harmony, instant mash potatoes, solar flares, toppling Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and many other musings designed to break through the 'bull' ( pardon the French ) of deception.

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