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Why become a "type 3 civilization" when we could become a "village 3 people?"
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This book compiles entries for Rhythm 4, 2011 ( September 24, 2011 through December 23, 2011 )

46 pages

During this season Martin continues to write about the current sea and the changes one can make to receive this abundance that literally rains from the Heavens every single second of our lives. He also shares his experience while on a missionary trip to the jungles of Argentina and proposes earthlings become a "village 3 people" rather than a "type 3 civilization."

Topics include technology, dumpsters, toxic waste, industrial revolution, solar wind, Thanks Giving, air, food, indigenous populations and way of life, the importance of returning to the land, how charcoal can help us understand the interplay of Life, terra preta, creativity, and more.

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