Support a Vision

Welcomed of the Father:


I (Martin) have a Desire to obtain a piece of land in the 'Great American Southwest' to establish roots and implement a Desert Reforestation Project. This will allow me to experience and show the practical application of the Wisdom received.

The Exchange of the creative material available through this website will support this Desire as well as Father's Desire to make this material available to all who thirst for a Different Way of Life. It is a means to a greater end.

To accomplish this, resources generated from this Exchange will flow in the following general direction:

  1. Resources obtained from the Exchange of Linda's photography and blog books will support the spiritual walk of Linda's female lineage as well as my walk with the Father.
  2. Resources obtained from the Exchange of Mister's creative output will be used to support the animal life within the property. Mister was our Great Pyrenees dog companion and inseparable friend.
  3. Resources obtained from the Exchange of my creative output will be used to support my walk with the Father as well as my need to nourish my Mind / Body, Lotus (Soul), and Heart.

Additional financial support can be provided in two ways:

  1. Using your favorite online financial service to make a donation or gift to Martin Riedel at 'send a gift @ bluestarway . com' (Delete spacing)
  2. Clicking here to go to an external web page and use Dwolla to make a gift.

Your Exchange and Support is welcomed and appreciated.

May the Father Walk with you,