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A wonderful trip to a maple grove shields inspiration for a new children's book

This book compiles entries for Rhythm 1, 2014 to Rhythm 3, 2016 ( December 22, 2014 through July 22, 2016 ).

55 pages

Another compilation that spans a long time. After Linda's passing and finishing the "Artless Creativity" book, Martin moves to Iowa into a "horse powered off the grid community" to regain his focus and strength and heal the pain and sorrow of Linda's departure which signified the end of a wonderful future they had envisioned together.

This move allowed for new opportunities which greatly enriched his life. This compilation contains the final chapters of "Artless Creativity", "Bunny the bunny" - a children's story inspired by an old maple tree, and the beginning entries for his book "The tiniest, Biggest, and most uncommon book on parenting."


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